Original work by: Richard Tutle
Published by: Bergen Kunsthall
Year: 2014
Editors: Martin Clark & Steinar Sekkingstad
Pages: 104
Softcover: 190 x 260 mm
Basing an entire publication upon merely a keyword can be a challenge, particularly when that keyword is something like “dexterity”. Nevertheless, that is what veteran artist Richard Tuttle presented as a main framework. That, combined with a creative process that by now could fill a book of its own, is what over time has become “Making Silver”, a catalogue that bridges the gap between book and what can only be described as “concept”.

It might look simple enough, but the book is actually four books, held together by a fold-out dust-jacket measuring over one meter. Dive beyond its packaging and you will find serious documentation of Tuttle’s exhibition “Glide”, presented as part of Bergen Kunsthall’s off-site program during their renovation-period in autumn 2012. In the hallways of the Kunsthall’s neighbouring museum KODE, the audience was presented with a series of sketchbooks, filled with drawings. The pages of these notebooks were turned every so often, so that the audience might be confronted with a new, unique combination of works. Outside in the rain and snow, several steel constructions were set up, forming the sculptural side of the show.

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