Published by: Bergen Kunsthall
Year: 2013
Editors: Mai Lahn-Johannessen, Helene Lazaridis, Steinar Sekkingstad, Solveig Øvstebø, Stein-Inge Århus
Pages: 336
Softcover: 205 x 260 mm

For over a decade (or more precisely 12 years at the time of publishing) the Bergen Kunsthall has grown to become a leader on the Norwegian, and to an extent, international contemporary art scene, thanks in part to the reimagining of the venerable Bergen Kunstforening, established in 1838. Under the leadership of Solveig Øvstebø up until her departure in 2013, the Kunsthall based its modus operandi on the “kunsthalle”-model, already firmly established elsewhere in Europe, aiming to become a place for exciting new artists from across the globe, but also maintaining more traditional outlets like the annual Festival Exhibition, featuring outstanding Norwegian artists exclusively.

This book, which took a little over two years to compile and create, documents the institution’s practice and productions in a monumental block of text and image. Its huge appendix documents every single exhibition, every artist, every person who has worked there, every event-organizer and selected events, concerts, talks etc. It also features texts both new and re-printed in two languages in two separate volumes (Norwegian and English), and presents historical data in the form of timelines and other info-graphics.

It can be seen as both a figurative and conceptual “cross-section” of what the Kunsthall is all about; it lands in your lap like a brick, and if you turn the first page you are presented with a very a literal look inside the institution’s walls.

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