Original works by: Ann Cathrin November Høibo, Eileen Quinlan, Lucas Black and Marieta Chirulescu.
Published by: Bergen Kunsthall
Year: 2016
Editors:Martin Clark and Steinar Sekkingstad

Softcover, double book
Exhibition catalogue for the Bergen Kunsthall exhibition "Image Support". The Catalogue is rather and artist book or presentation of the process rather than only a documentation of the exhibition.

“Image Support” presents the work of four international artists across the four main galleries of Bergen Kunsthall. Taking as their starting point ideas around the image and its construction, all of the artists explore the complex relations between technology, representation, production and reproduction (both industrial and craft-based).

Through their very different studio-based practices, the four artists all work in the borderland between creating images and locating images. The final work arises by way of a self-reflexive investigation of the material itself, a process that lays the basis for improvisation and exploration, and which often permits chance and “errors” in production to become crucial to the image-making process. In this way they reveal that the material of an artwork is not just a physical foundation or support for an image; in many cases it constitutes both the image itself and the content of the work.

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