Published by: Bergen Kunsthall
Year: 2010
Paperback: 190 x 280 mm
Editors: Thomas Duncan, Steinar Sekkingstad, Solveig Øvstebø

The “Magasin”-series of publications were a result of the Bergen Kunsthall’s wish to publicize solid documentation in a relatively inexpensive volume, both to buy and to produce. Since its inception the series has spanned both group and solo exhibitions featuring artists from far and near.
First out in the “Magasin”-series was this catalogue for the exhibition “Gambaroff, Krebber, Quaytman, Rayne”, curated by Thomas Duncan, Steinar Sekkingstad and Solveig Øvstebø. It was not a traditional thematic exhibition, but rather a presentation of individual artists, where painting constituted a shared platform around which the exhibition revolved. The book contains reproductions of all works in the exhibition as well as two essays.
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